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Judicial Errors in Search Warrants do not Invalidate the Search Itself

State v. McKnight (ICA January 31, 2012) Background. Agent Vincente Domingo went onto an online chatroom and pretended to be a 15-year-old-girl named Chyla. Domingo started chatting with Robert McKnight. Domingo said he lived in Honolulu. McKnight was on Maui. They started chatting about sex and various acts McKnight would be willing to perform. At some point, McKnight volunteered to book tickets from Maui to Honolulu online, but those plans were never made. Eventually, they arranged to meet at the Kahului Airport. McKnight drove there and was arrested. At the police station interrogation room, McKnight requested to have an attorney before speaking to the law enforcement officers. The officers left the room and then re-entered. McKnight asked if he could call his mother. They refused. McKnight the asked what was going to happen next. The agents told him they'd apply for a search warrant and then search his home. McKnight said he didn't realize the severity