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Unconfirmed Warrants give rise to Reasonable Suspicion

State v. Dawson (ICA April 8, 2009) Background.   Officers Kang and Pacheco--each riding separately--responded to a call from dispatch to recover an alleged stolen vehicle at an apartment complex.   Officer Kang asked dispatch to run a warrant check on Dawson.   Officer Kang later explained that he asked for Dawson because he was involved with two prior incidents relating to the apartment complex, where Dawson's girlfriend lives, and stolen cars.   Dispatch responded that there was a "possible warrant," which meant that the police computer system revealed an outstanding warrant, but confirmation with an actual, physical warrant was pending. Officer Pacheco heard the request for the warrant check and dispatch's response that there was a possible warrant.   Officer Pacheco got to the scene first and saw a man standing in the parking lot.   She asked for his name and he said he was "Eddie Dawson."   Officer Pacheco then had him sit down while the "p